Waiting In Line At Disney World

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Walt Disney World Resort is justly popular with people all over the world, and parents of small children often look for a Disney rental stroller so they can give their children a fantastic vacation. However, because the theme parks are so popular, the queues for the rides are usually very long, which can be difficult for a small child with onlymited patience. The managers of the theme park are aware of this, and know that long queues and long waits can be difficult for small children to handle as they sit there in the heat in their Disney rental stroller. The company employs people to dress up and... sorry! Let's not spoil the magic of Walt Disney World for the children. This is why Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and various other well-known Disney characters stroll around the theme parks saying hello to visitors big and small. Have your camera handy. But the novelty of having a favourite character strolling past does wear off after a while, and there's a lot of resort park for these characters to get around. So you will have to entertain small children when you wait in the queues. How are you going to go about this? A good Disney rental stroller will help you be prepared for this situation and have plenty of bits and pieces on hand. Eating and drinking are easy and, in many ways, necessary ways to keep a small child busy in a queue. For your own sanity - and the sanity of those around you in the queue - it's best if these snacks and drinks aren't full of sugar, so you don't end up with a wriggly sugar-hyped child putting the harness in the Disney rental stroller to the test and screeching. Stick to crackers, nuts, plain cookies and fruit when it comes to nibbles, and go for milk, water and juice for the drinks. If you can find a Disney rental stroller that can take a chiller pack for storage, this is a real bonus, as there's nothing as refreshing as a cold drink when you're waiting in a hot queue - and this goes for the parents as well. If you overdo the things to drink, you may have to leave the queue (rats!) to change wet diapers. A good Disney rental stroller will have plenty f storage space, so put this storage space to good use. Books can be read to children in the queue quite easily (and the people standing around you who haven't been so prepared will be grateful, too, as they will find the story entertaining). The most obvious choice of book is, of course, a Disney book, and you've got plenty to choose from for all reading ages. Another good choice of reading material would be one of those old-fashioned children's books that contain one adventure/story per chapter. These tend to have a bit more plot depth than some modern stories, and have the advantage that you can cart about many stories in one volume. Books of this type include the original (or classic) Winnie The Pooh stories, Milly-Molly-Mandy and theke. It's amazing how these stories make the time pass (but don't blame us if your child later reports that the thing theyked or remembered best when they went to Walt Disney World was the stories!). But maybe you don't want to spend all your time in the queue reading. You're happy enough reading the map, people watching or talking on your mobile phone. But don't forget thatttle person in the Disney rental stroller. A personal stereo (MP3 player or theke) can do the job of reading to your child or playing them their favourite music tracks. It's a breeze to load an iPod or an MP3 with children's songs and stories, and then all you have to do is help the children put the earpieces in. It's best if you clip the player to the hood of the Disney rental stroller or have it handy to the parent rather than the child so you can prevent your child (a) chucking the player out of the Disney rental stroller and/or (b) turning the volume up to deafening volumes. Whether you let your small childsten to a personal stereo or not, it's good if you can spend some of the time waiting interacting with your child as he or she sits in their Disney rental stroller. As you are in a very public place, it's probably best if you don't tell all those funny family stories - you can guarantee that everyone around you will stand there with their ears wide open! Finger games and handclap games can also help to pass the waiting time, and are easy for a child to play while safely strapped into their Disney rental stroller. Round and Round The Garden and pat-a-cake are old favourites, but there are many more suitable games that can be played with a child sitting in a Disney rental stroller. Slightly older children who are still small enough to need a Disney rental stroller but are able to recognize colours and letters can play more sophisticated games while waiting. They might not quite be ready for full-blown I Spy, but you can try to find items that are a certain colour (Can we find ten things that are blue?) or you can try to spot every letter of the alphabet on the things around you (as a hint, you'll find plenty of letters on T-shirts, including some of the more unusual ones). You can try to play ave version of Where's Waldo, but be discreet so your child doesn't embarrass you with a triumphant yell of I can see the really fat lady with the bright pink shorts that show her knickers! And, if your child is small enough and has had a busy enough day, they might find the Disney rental stroller a good place to have a quick nap. It's a pity adults can't join them in there! 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